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Workshops with results

  • Every workshop starts with a goal: I want to understand crystal clear what you want to achieve in your business context.
  • Interactive and practical workshops; practice techniques that will help you become more effective in your work environment.
  • I have been there myself: I can relate to your work context, share from own experience and I challenge conventional approaches.
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Results in International Negotiation

This 2-day workshop prepares commercial professionals and project managers for negotiating (commercial) agreements with suppliers, customers and partners.

Next: August 29th 2017
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Getting Results with a Diverse Team

Put a group of people together, set them a target, call them a team, and wait for the results to come. But how do you shape the team? How do you ensure everybody can contribute at full strength? How do you ensure that the cooperation within the team is such that results are achieved?

Next: August 31st 2017
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Working with Other Cultures

Learning to work with other cultures is the theme of this practical, one day workshop. In a very condensed form I offer a speed course in intercultural effectiveness.

Next: September 4th 2017
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Getting Results with Virtual Project Teams

Getting Results with Virtual Project Teams (2 days) is a workshop for professionals who steer project teams at remote locations and who rely on virtual communication with their team.

Next: November 13th 2017
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Getting Results across Cultures

Getting Results across Cultures is a two-day workshop designed to help you to increase your effectiveness when working with people from different cultures.

Next: November 15th 2017
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Getting Results without Authority

We cover different styles of influencing, and when to use these for the best results. Participants experience that their personal preference needs adjustment in different situations.

Next: October 2nd 2017
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Working with the US

Working with the US. Practical tips and advice to improve cooperation between W-European and US professionals. Targeted at W-European managers frequently working with the US.

Next: September 22nd 2017
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In-company Programs These are scheduled in-company programs for which you cannot subscribe individually
Workshop 'Effective Team Work'
August 28th 2017
Company:DEKRA Kalibratie
Location:Utrecht, The Netherlands
Training 'Influence & Accountability'
September 13th 2017
Company:Freescale Semiconductors/NXP
Location:Beijing, China
Working with the US (Workers Council edition)
September 21st 2017
Company:NXP Semiconductors
Location:Nijmegen, The Netherlands
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