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I'm Frank Garten, my specialism is cultural differences.

International business negotiations know problems that go beyond language.

  • Hands-on experience in technical, commercial and general management roles
  • Learned about cultural differences while negotiating large global contracts for Philips
  • Translates this experience into concrete, practical advice
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Intercultural cooperation and negotiation is my field of expertise. I have developed this specialism through years of hands-on experience in technical, commercial and general management roles. I have a strength in helping people become more effective in their job and in their life.

After obtaining my PhD in physics in 1996, I started working for Philips. My career developed from technical functions through international commercial roles to general management; later I changed to Human Resources Management. These steps characterize my broad view on business effectiveness. As Director of Learning & Development at NXP Semiconductors I could take all of my business experience and put it to use in an international HR environment.

Today I work as an independent consultant. I help people achieve optimal results in an international context. And I make cultural barriers evaporate when I help your people understand and appreciate other cultures. They will discover ‘the strength of diversity’.


Share the cross-cultural challenges you and your people face at work: call me at +31 6 8161 3773.

I live in Utrecht with my wife, Christelle, and our two boys Kilian (2005) and Corentin (2007). We love to travel, especially in Asia, where we have seen beautiful parts of India, Laos, Korea and the Philippines. I love sports – especially running – and practice hard to play saxophone (jazz). Another of my passions is wine tasting; I intend to become ‘viticulturist’ in 2015.

love to travel, especially in Asia

Thanks to the internet, communicating internationally is daily reality. Doing business overseas is the default. While our generation struggles with virtual teams and video conferencing, our children will work in ‘interconnected, office-less networks of on-line professionals’. Modern enterprises should prepare for this: in the future knowledge will be shared instantly across the world, and talents will reside anywhere.

In the coming years, the importance of the intercultural work place will only increase. And anyone who is involved with global suppliers, customers or partners will encounter cultural differences. Do you let these differences get in the way of a good operational result, or do you make sure they provide a positive contribution to your business? I choose the latter, and I know from experience this is possible.

Simple measures can be taken to transform cultural differences from barriers into sources of inspiration. To do so, a manager needs two vital things: knowledge about other cultures, and the willingness and ability to look into the mirror, and reflect on the effect of his own behavior. Developing global competence helps our business and also helps us develop personally, with a richer understanding of the world around us.

Way of working

My work is characterized by a few things:  I believe in ‘the strength of diversity’, I focus on outcomes and results, I love to first understand and then simplify, and I like to give concrete and practical advice.

  • I learn your people to appreciate individual differences.
  • I focus my energy on achieving business results; culture is one aspect of that.
  • I build up deep understanding first, then I simplify the issue and take action.
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