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Blog: read about cultural differences

Frequently published articles on working successfully across cultures

Business Culture of China

Chinese culture is fascinating. The People’s Republic of China has 1.4 billion inhabitants these days and counting. So many people obviously need a lot of  …

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The Finnish mindset of ‘Sisu’

In an earlier blog, I spoke about the business culture of Finland, this fascinating country in Northern Europe. Several of the traits of the Finns  …

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When you ask a question, and the answer never comes

“It’s really frustrating for me. I send a mail with a clear question, and they do not even respond. It’s like they forget it.” “What  …

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The Collaboration Game

In a recent Ashridge program, I used for the first time ‘the Collaboration Game©’, a business simulation for 6-50 people developed in the UK and  …

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