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Frequently published articles on working successfully across cultures

What a western facilitator should know in China

Last month, I was back in Tianjin in north-eastern China, bordering Hebei province and the greater area of Beijing. I facilitated two programs: ‘Business Cultures of  …

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Polarity-thinking: how open are we really for different cultural perspecitives?

When working with people from other cultures, we often find ourselves blaming the other culture for being so different. We tend to compare other cultures  …

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Three Dimensions in India

Three weeks ago I was in Bangalore, India, for the training Influence and Accountability. The training takes 3 days and always has a certain flow.  …

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United States of America: positive intentions!

Last week I was in the US. And I loved it. What is it about this country that makes me feel so at home over  …

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