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A Keynote for your event. Conferences, in-company meetings and external events for clients and partners. My style is engaging, enthusiastic and fun. The content of a keynote is based on own research and experiences in the field of international business communication and cooperation. I speak about the following topics:


  • DIversity. We say we want it. But we act against it.
  • Diversity and Inclusion. It’s not about the numbers, it’s about your behavior.
  • Making virtual team meetings work again. Get rid of the frustration.
  • Cross-cultural negotiation. The do’s and dont’s when a lot is at stake.
  • Global leadership. The mindset you need for cross-cultural impact.

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Working with Other Cultures

Working with other cultures does not have to be complicated. You don’t have to be a cultural expert to understand whether and how to adjust to another culture.  The only thing you need is the willingness and ability to reflect on your own behavior. Small changes in behavior can result in big changes in impact. My aim is to give participants to keynotes and workshops practical tips and advice, that leads to small changes in daily behavior. And big impact.

The do’s and dont’s of other cultures are interesting and fun. Certainly I will touch on all of these. But knowing the do’s and dont’s will not make you more effective. You first need to look in the mirror: become aware of the impact of your behavior on others. Reflect. Be willing to adjust your own behavior, if needed. Once you understand the  impact you have and you have understood the other culture, you make a conscious decision: adjust or not.

Diversity will not improve if you appoint a Chief Diversity Officer. Cross-cultural collaboration will not improve if you send your people to a training. What gets in the way is your own mindset, not a lack of knowledge of your people. An inclusive culture is one where we no longer talk about diversity. We have created a new culture where we deal with each other in a different way than today.  Book Frank Garten for international keynotes through A-Speakers.