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Getting Results across Cultures

This practical 2-day program increases your effectiveness in your communication with ‘people who are different’.

Getting Results across Cultures is a two-day workshop designed to help you to increase your effectiveness when working with different cultures. A thorough basis of intercultural work is given introducing the main challenges of dealing with people who behave according to different rules. The first part focuses on the practical aspects of international cooperation, such as writing e-mails, setting project team meetings, decision-making and the expectations on timing agreements. The second part of the training is about communication styles that help to reduce intercultural tension. Recognizing that all intercultural problems manifest as communication issues, the course provides practical tools to break ineffective communication patterns.

Working with remote and virtual teams is a given for professionals these days; rather than going through extensive theory on running virtual teams, this workshop includes some of the practical details of phone conferences, setting up remote team meetings, e-mail updates to global stakeholders and working across multiple time-zones. Emphasis is on the practical details: you get tips and tools for organizing this aspect of your work immediately after the training.

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Learning objectives

  • Understand the basic dimensions of culture and place your own work situations in the context of these dimensions.
  • Build trust with people in different cultures (even remotely), and understand your own emotional responses when dealing with unexpected cross-cultural situations.
  • Use a toolbox of methods and tips for when communication breaks down and conflicts come up: practical tools to bring (virtual) communication back on track.

Culture models

I expect you to share prior to the course some real-life cases, that will be used during the course to introduce the different aspects of culture. Rather than stick to one model, we look into the various cultural dimensions that can have an effect for your daily work. Through group discussion, practice and interaction you understand how these cultural dimensions affect your daily work.


Communication breakdown

You get practical tools to deal with cross-cultural conflict and challenging communication situations. You practice, get feedback and practice again, and then again. As conflict arises and trust gets broken, you need to understand what different cultures mean with ‘trust’, and how to restore  trust when the pressure is on.

Leading remote intercultural teams

Practical methods to assemble intercultural teams, set the ground rules for cooperation and learn how to increase the effectiveness of your cross-cultural team. How do teams function, and what can you do to make them become high-performance teams. Making teams work is all about communication!

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September 9th 2019
Duration: 2 days
Location:Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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February 3rd 2020
Duration: 2 days
Location:Utrecht, The Netherlands
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