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Getting Results with a Diverse Team

Put a group of people together, set them a target, call them a team, and wait for the results to come. But how do you shape the team? How do you ensure everybody can contribute at full strength? How do you ensure that the cooperation within the team is such that results are achieved?

You are expected to get results through teams. And whether teams are co-located or dispersed all over the world, people will have to work together smoothly and achieve ambitious results. Just teaching team members about cultural differences is not enough. Effectively working together involves so much more, like building trust, establishing a climate where all are invited to express their unique opinion, and excellent communication.

I have designed this program to do just that. I have invested quite some time to understand the science of highly effective teams. More importantly, I have translated the findings of all this research into practical advice and tips that can be implemented in a short timeframe in your team. And I more and more love working with teams to boost their interpersonal skills.

The most powerful instrument I came across is the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). This instrument not only provides your team members with unique insights in their personality, their strengths and their individual motives, but also reveals how the team dynamics works. The plot that depicts how all team members act under stress and conflict often strikes as a lightbulb: “this is how we always do!”

Read more about the SDI, see example reports and find out how your team can benefit directly.


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Learning objectives

  • Understand your strengths, and the behaviors you deploy when overdoing your strengths. Be familiar with the impact of this behavior on other people you work with
  • Understand your motives, and the motives of your team members. See how different motives lead to different behaviors, and come to appreciate the rich diversity that is present in your team
  • Understand how your motives change in times of stress and conflict, and how you move in a unique way through the 3 stages of conflict that fits with your profile.
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