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Results in International Negotiation

The course provides with a solid basis in intercultural management and advanced negotiation skills.

This 2-day workshop prepares sales managers, project managers, sourcing managers, marketing and purchasing professionals for negotiating commercial agreements with suppliers, customers and partners. The course provides with a solid basis in intercultural management and advanced negotiation skills. Next to the basic theories and concepts, we prepare you for real-life negotiations using group practice, simulation with actors and lots of tips and methods that can be used in the work environment the next day.

Most commercial negotiations these days span the borders of the home country and deal with partners in other time zones, geographical regions and cultures. Meeting face-to-face is preferred but requires too high investments to be done regularly. Still managers need to interact and negotiate with partners and achieve results under high pressure. This course has been designed with this work environment in mind and prepares professionals for complex international deals. Also you will learn to recognize tactics and the dirty tricks of negotiation, and how to counter these.

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Learning objectives

  • Understand culture, and learn the strategies and behaviors of preparing, opening, conducting and closing a cross-cultural negotiation
  • Practice with a toolbox of communication and conflict handling techniques, pricing strategies and concession-making methods
  • Know the (dirty) tactics that you can expect and learn to effectively counter these using hierarchy, timing and conditional concessions to your advantage

Communication techniques

Communication in the various phases of negotiation (breaking ineffective patterns, getting yourself on the other side of the table, de-escalation, leave positions for interests, ‘common reality’ and ‘confidence boost’ are some of the techniques you will learn). Aspects of verbal as well as non-verbal communication are addressed.

Commercial aspects

Learn how to use opening bids, preparation checklists, power balance, exploring, concession making and closing tactics, and understand how different cultures deal with these aspects of negotiation. Striking a commercial deal is done in very different ways in different countries of the world.


Short and focused theory sessions are balanced by group practice, simulations, exercises and role-plays in which you get intensive feedback on your communication skills. Real-life cases of participants and consultant are discussed. Simulations and role-plays with actors are included to address personal style and get behavioral feedback.

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July 1st 2019
Duration: 2 days
Location:Brussels, Belgium
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November 4th 2019
Duration: 2 days
Location:Utrecht, The Netherlands
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