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Getting Results with Virtual Project Teams

Learn to communicate with impact, when people are at other locations cross the globe.

This is a 2-day workshop designed for professionals who steer project teams at remote locations and who rely on virtual communication with their team members. The major part of the course deals with practical methods and tips to organize your cross-cultural project and work effectively with people abroad. Communication and influencing methods will be looked at against a backdrop of strongly hierarchical cultures, group cultures and cultures where ‘getting results through others’ entirely depends on personal relationships of trust.

Many problems with remote and virtual work environments look like cultural problems, but in reality find their origin in unclear working agreements and in poor interpersonal communication. In this program you learn effective and universal methods and tools that can be used, and you learn how these models should be applied in different cultures. Topics that we will go into are team dynamics, building trust, managing conflict and disagreement, motivating and inspiring others, building commitment and addressing performance issues.

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Learning objectives

  • Understand the dimensions of culture and recognize these in practical cases of working remotely with several countries
  • Learn the essence of team formation and team dynamics and manage your project teams with members in several remote locations. Communicate and solve conflicts in a virtual environment
  • Master communication techniques that help you to influence effectively across cultural borders; practice with virtual communication with remote teams and build up checklists and reminders for effective communication

Project management

Cross-cultural project management explained through the lens of the different dimensions of culture. Understand how these cultural dimensions influence they way project teams are formed, build up trust, manage their difficulties and ensure results. Learn to focus on delivering on-time and within-budget, by bringing different cultures on the same page.

Communicating with the team

The two main blocks will deal with team dynamics (setting the ground rules for cooperation, getting buy-in, team effectiveness, building trust, dealing with conflict) and communication with remote and virtual teams (break ineffective communication patterns, phone conferences, do’s and don’ts of webinars, practical e-mail tips etc).


Case studies and simulations are used to practice the concepts taught in this program. Group activities are alternated with real-life situations that participants bring in. Participants learn from each other’s cases, practice remote and virtual team meetings with actors, learn from feedback and understand what impressions you create when working remotely.

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July 4th 2019
Duration: 2 days
Location:Stockholm, Sweden
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November 7th 2019
Duration: 2 days
Location:Utrecht, The Netherlands
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