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Getting Results without Authority

Powerful influencing skills for those who have no formal power to get things done.

Getting things done in complex organizations when you don’t have the formal authority. Or maybe you have the power, but you don’t want to use it. Then you will have to rely on your personal skills. You don’t feel limited by your knowledge or your technical competences, but how do you get others to support your ideas? How do you deal with so many different interests? When do you compete, and when do you give in? How do you deal with resistance? In other words: how do you reach your goals?

We all rely on our own preferred style of influencing others. To adjust to the style of another person is difficult when ‘the pressure is on’. But this is what you learn in Getting Results without Authority. We cover the different styles of influencing, and when to use each style for the best results. You cannot avoid to first analyze your own communication style in-depth: how do you come across and how do others react to you? You get very intensive feedback. We facilitate the program with two trainers, help you practice outside your comfort zone and confront where needed.

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Learning objectives

  • Get to know your own leadership style, learn to quickly recognize the style of others, and eventually adjust your style to the preference of the other person
  • Build win-win, harmonious relationships with others. Lead, delegate and motivate by flexibly switching between styles, dependent on the situation you are in
  • Win buy-in: influence stakeholders in a strategic way, such that they help you to reach your goals

Self Assessment

Prior to the course you collect data from your manager, colleagues and friends using a 360° assessment tool. On the first day of the course you continue your self-assessment using analysis of a real-life simulation and through trainer and peer feedback.

Skill Development

Intensive and focused practice, blending current skills and new skills by using a wide range of learning resources, including exercises, video, role plays, cases, articles, and simulations. You continuously experiment with four different influence styles, and refine your skills such that you get comfortable with a wide range of impactful behaviors.


In the course we prepare you for upcoming realistic situations at the work floor. Learn to use a strategic method to map stakeholders and to influence them successfully. The course includes 3 individual coaching sessions to help you remove roadblocks on the way to success.

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September 2nd 2019
Duration: 2 days
Location:Utrecht, The Netherlands
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December 9th 2019
Duration: 2 days
Location:Eindhoven, The Netherlands
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