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Working with Other Cultures

Learning to work with other cultures is the theme of this practical, one day workshop.

This is a one-day workshop designed to provide you in the shortest possible time with maximum practical insights about working with other cultures. You will discover your own personal responses to unclear situations, and realize that we are usually biased by our own culture in judging other people we work with. This is no problem as long as you understand where your own bias comes from.

You will learn how you and your own culture comes across to others, and you will be able to see on which aspects other cultures differ from yours. It is inevitable we go through the main dimensions of culture, however, if you expect a day full of theory this is not your program. In very practical exercises you learn what you can and should do differently when back at work tomorrow.

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Learning objectives

  • Understand your own cultural bias when confronted with unclear situations: how do others see you?
  • Learn the dimensions of culture and how these apply to daily work situations. What dimensions impact the way you run team meetings, communicate and work with teams?
  • Learn how different countries score on each of the cultural dimensions, and understand the practical implications of this

Culture models

Based on your own workplace experiences, we introduce the different aspects of culture. Rather than stick to one model, we look into the various cultural dimensions that can have an effect for your daily work. Through group discussion, practice and interaction you understand how these cultural dimensions affect your daily work.

Case studies

In various real-life case studies we look into cultural aspects in a business environment: what practical methods were applied – or should have been applied – to ensure smooth intercultural cooperation. Case studies are taken from my own international experience, and from recent international projects (M&A’s, intercompany partnerships).

Group practice

Groups practice with changing perspectives of culture. We look into various real-life situations, and ask: “How would you deal with this if you came from another culture?”. You learn to switch of reference by arguing from a culture that is opposite your own cultural programming.

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July 15th 2019
Duration: 1 day
Location:Utrecht, The Netherlands
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October 7th 2019
Duration: 1 day
Location:Utrecht, The Netherlands
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January 1st 1970
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