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Working with the US

Working with the US. Practical tips and advice to improve cooperation between W-European and US professionals. Focused on increasing understanding, full of practical tips and advice.

I give this program both in-company, and as open program. Open program dates are mentioned below, and you can subscribe on-line. For in-company programs, please get in touch.

The European and US cultures seem almost identical: usually individualistic, moderately hierarchical with direct communication and a precise, short-time focus. People working with the US however know better. Under the surface we have a lot of different assumptions about work, efficiency, building relationships and private life. I often hear professionals say:

  • My American counterparts always expect an immediate answer to an email: but when I need something from them, they regularly just don’t respond.
  • I thought in the US everybody is equal, but when the boss says what needs to be done, nobody will openly question it. I thought they were so direct.
  • The Americans are hard to understand. They are so friendly and optimistic, it’s like they never share what they really think. And when I ask them, I get a short and superficial answer.

This programme does not take away these difference.  But it helps you optimise your interaction with American counterparts significantly.

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Learning objectives

  • Gain a good understanding of the basic cultural norms, values and behaviours that characterise the US culture. Increase your understanding of the Americans.
  • Special emphasis on the cultural aspects of hierarchy, relationship building, workforce management, (in)direct communication, time management, presentation skills and negotiation skills in a Europe – US cooperation.
  • Gain lots of practical tips and advice for how to work more effectively with your American colleagues, suppliers, clients and partners.

Practical Tips & Advice

Although primarily aimed at increasing your understanding of US counterparts, the programme is highly practical. You will leave with a handout full of practical tips, and you gain many tips for increasing the effectiveness of phone conferences, negotiations and project discussions with American colleagues and partners. As we work with your own cases and experiences, it will be easy to gain benefit from the program in your daily work environment.

Limited do’s and dont’s

The do’s and dont’s are avoided as much as possible. These address superficial cultural things like how to say hello, how to hand your business card and whether to bring a present to a private dinner or not. In business environments, however, the things that go wrong are not these things. Much more,  the hidden cultural assumptions about each other and they way of working are hampering progress. This is where we focus on. No do’s and font’s, but many practical tips!

Program structure

Next to theory and practical tips, we work as much as possible with your real-life cases. You prepare a case to bring to the workshop. At the end of the workshop we test your practical knowledge with a questionnaire. In a webinar 2 months after the course we again review some real-life cases about cooperating with the US. You get a handout and my book ‘Managing Through a Mirror’.

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September 16th 2019
This is an in-company workshop.
Location:Utrecht, The Netherlands
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