Complete overview

Your counterparts communicate and negotiate according to
their own rules, hence conversations have a different flow than expected.

Clarity in Conversations

This workshop helps you to have clearer conversations. It improves the quality of dialogue in teams. Full of practical knowledge and concrete tools.

Your team will have learned techniques to make their conversations more clear and impactful.

How to Master Challenging Conversations

There are proven ways to handle tense, conflict-riddled situations that lead to stronger relationships, more empathy and better professional outcomes.

Learn the science behind these techniques and practice them on real-life situations.

Focus on influence

An intense workshop with a small group and two senior trainers. An experience that stays much longer than three months. An experiential program with continuous peer feedback.

Your people will have concrete tools to significantly improve their impact on others.

Business Culture of China

A short and highly condensed workshop that gives an overview of the business culture of China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, USA, France, Germany, Netherlands, Finland or Sweden.

The aim is to provide you with all you need to know in the shortest possible timeframe.

Business Cultures of the World

These short workshops highlight all cultures of the world from the perspective of China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, USA, France, Germany, Finland, Sweden, or The Netherlands).

Learn how you are perceived by others and get lots of practical tools to work across cultures.

(Virtual) Collaboration across Cultures

A practical workshop that deals with all business cultures of the world. A deep understanding of cultural differences applied to collaboration in a virtual workspace.

Improve communication across silos, get practical tips and adopt a collaborative mindset.

Communication, Collaboration, Courage and Confrontation across Cultures (5C)

Learn all about the main collaboration challenges cross-cultural teams face in the workplace: effective communication, the courage to speak up and handling confrontations.

Your team will have learned and practiced a wide range of communication techniques.

Releasing the Innovation Power of a Diverse Team

To be innovative, a team culture of openness and mutual respect is needed, such that the diverse contributions of all team members are input to new ideas and products.

Analyze and improve your team culture, to benefit from the diversity present in your team.

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Negotiate win-win solutions in a smart way while keeping and building a strong relationship of trust with the other party. Get a rapid overview of all negotiation essentials.

Full of practical tips and exercises to quickly master new skills for any negotiation.